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Divino Bauzon

  • Writes unbiased content that is 100% factual.
  • He has a background in Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.
  • He is also trained in First Aid from Ambucare EMS Solutions.

Divino Bauzon is a becoming PH-based doctor that writes medical-related content. He loves to share his knowledge and is an experienced tutor of Anatomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Health Science, Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacology, and Physiology. Divino Bauzon writes about various topics that are related to Medicine.

This includes Pharmacology, Health Science, Nursing, etc. He writes content after carrying out adequate research. His blogs constitute information that is accurate and factual. All information that he publishes is supported with evidence from published journal articles and other publications that are up-to-date and currently available.


He is a graduate of Life Sciences from Ateneo de Manila University. Moreover, he is pursuing Medicine at St. Luke’s College of Medicine.

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