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Dr. Maria L. Lolou

  • Licensed Medical Doctor, Rheumatology junior doctor
  • Medical experience in several medical fields: emergency medicine, internal medicine, psychiatry, rheumatology, nephrology
  • MSc in “Food, Nutrition, and Microbiome”

Dr. Maria Lolou’s academic background is in clinical medicine and research, and she is currently undergoing her Rheumatology training. She also acquires a Master of Science in Nutrition and Microbiome. The relationship between Microbiome and chronic diseases fascinates her, and her ambition is to investigate in depths these relations. Her vast experience makes her the ideal medical editor, and in her spare time, she enjoys hiking and reading.


Maria Lolou is a licensed Medical Doctor currently undergoing her training in Rheumatology. She has worked in several hospitals in Greece and has comprehensive experience in many medical fields, including emergency medicine, internal medicine, nephrology, and rheumatology. Her clinical expertise is multidimensional, from treating patients in the ED to patient counseling and regulating medication in outpatient care.

She is also an MSc graduate of the Master’s program “Food, Nutrition, and Microbiome” and is researching the role of Microbiome in chronic diseases.


Dr. Maria Lolou has pursued education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece.

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