Dr. Nalisha Sornil

  • Practicing Clinician
  • Claim Processing
  • Medical Classroom Trainer
  • ICD-10CM, CPT, and HCPCS Certified

Dr. Sornil is a medical practitioner who runs her clinic. She has worked as a Resident Medical Officer at Sarada Krishna Medical College and a Medical Analyst with Medusind Solutions.

At Medusind Solutions, she was responsible for processing medical insurance claims. She is now a medical writer with Zepnur Health. Her current work at Zepnur Health involves writing medical newsletters and blogs for Zepnue Health. We are glad that she finds time to verify and write content for us.

She has covered a broad spectrum as a Medical Officer, from reviewing medical and diagnostic reports to conducting classroom training on physiology, anatomy, and pathology.


Dr. Nalisha Sornil holds a BHMS Degree from the well-known Dr.MGR Medical University in Chennai. She also has certification for Medical Coding ICD-10CM, CPT, and HPCS.

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