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Nyansikera David Pharmacist

  • He is well known for his objective reviews that are non-biased
  • Often challenges claims by drug manufacturers
  • Proficient in emergency response and patient management

Nyansikera David is a Kenyan based pharmacist and paramedic. Currently working with a community pharmacy, he is a manager at a pharmacy chain, Zen pharmaceuticals. Nyansikera David advises patients, clinicians, doctors, medical consultants, fellow pharmacists on drugs, health, illness, common pharmacy topics, and news in the drugs industry.

He always tries to provide relevant and accurate information supported with analysis of scientific knowledge derived from publications and clinical trials.


Nyansikera has pursued pharmacy from the Tracom College and Emergency Medical Services. He is also licensed by the Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians. He is registered as a Kenyan Pharmacist. Nyansikera is also currently pursuing a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at Masinde Muliro University.

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