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Buy Yasmin Contraceptive Birth Control Pills UK


From an emotional factor, by getting pregnant to prevent unwanted pregnancy, people have become keener to understand the responsibility they get after the pregnancy. Pregnancy has a lot of responsibility mentally and physically as well, so people try to be away from the situation till the time it has been planned.

Here the menstrual cycle plays a huge role. If a woman wants to know about pregnancy after sex, periods are the foremost. If there are no periods on time or in a few days of the current cycle, then there are possibilities to check for pregnancy.

When people are unsure about being pregnant, they consume birth control pills, as it plays a role in preventing unwanted pregnancy. There is a 99% chance of not getting pregnant when a woman consumes birth control pills.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), millions of women use contraceptive/ birth control pills throughout the world. It has become a necessary pill for a woman for an unwanted pregnancy.

Yasmin pills have been a known name among women regarding birth control pills. This medicine has the highest possibility for a woman not to get pregnant. The FDA approved Yasmin Pills in the year 2001. It has been an available drug in the UK since 2002. Get detailed information about Yasmin pills in the Blog.

Descriptive Information About Yasmin Pill

Yasmin is a contraceptive pill; each Yasmin tablet combines two hormones called oestrogen and progestogen. It has a consistency of preventing pregnancy with a 99% possibility. A study showed that out of a hundred people consuming Yasmin, one person might get pregnant when not taken correctly.

Not only is Yasmin used as a contraceptive pill, but many women use Yasmin for many purposes. It has various benefits such as improving the look of your skin, making your menstrual cycle on time, fewer period pains and overcoming the problems of ovarian cysts. This also helps to deal with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Yasmin pills belong to the drug class of Contraceptives. You can get the Yasmin pills in Generic form known as Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol. The generic version works the same as the Yasmin pill, but the difference in name is due to the inactive medicine components present in the Generic medicine.

How Does Yasmin Pill Work In Your Body?

Every medication has a different working style depending on the drug class. Most of the drug classes work the same, but the medicine is working in the body changes when it comes to different drug classes. As Yasmin pills are considered the best way to prevent pregnancy,

The working pattern of the pill is quite different. As there are three active functional ingredients, it works together in three different ways by preventing from releasing eggs in the ovaries and Vaginal fluids get thick, which stops sperms from entering the womb. Also, it narrows down the womb walls. If at all the eggs get released, they won’t attach to the womb.

Will Yasmin pills stop the menstrual cycle?

The working of the Yasmin pills may vary from person to person. But in a way, Yasmin pills do not stop your periods permanently. For some women, it may delay their period too. There are risks involved if the medicine is taken more often.

Is Yasmin pills a good option for smokers?
You should not smoke when you are on birth control pills (Yasmin). There is a high chance of you getting a stroke due to the smoke intake and the medicine reacting to it. This will create a danger to your life by blood clotting.

Will the Yasmin pill be a reason for my weight change?

There is no real evidence of a change in weight due to Yasmin. You may feel the changes within you after consuming the drug. Medicine components presented in Yasmin medicine might make you feel weight loss due to the retention of water in the body.

Precautions That Can Help You From Unnecessary Problems

There is always a need to take precautions when consuming any medicine. Medicine can be a saviour when taking precautions and a curse if you consume without it. Taking care in advance will help you eliminate problematic situations before the problem is caused.

Various problems can arise, such as blood clots, chest pain and even possible effects such as blood pressure issues and high cholesterol.

Precautions and things you should inform your doctor before consuming Yasmin pills are as follows:

  • Do not smoke when you are on the medication
  • It is not advised to use the drug for other purposes when pregnant.
  • If you are suffering from kidney issues, do not take it.
  • Have been through any heart issues, Do not consume
  • If you are facing any cancer issues, Do not consume
  • If you are suffering from any liver disease or liver problems, Do not consume
  • Facing Migraine issues, Do not consume

There might be other precautions as well, Do consult the doctor before consuming the medicine. You must inform all the problems you are facing with your doctor so that your existing consuming medicine does not interact with Yasmin Pill.

The Way You Can Take Yasmin Pill

You should consume any medicine prescribed by the doctor from the advice they have given you. It would be best if you read the label before consuming the drug. Do not take more medicine than recommended. Otherwise, it can create many problems.

It would be best if you consumed it on the first day of the period. Do not depend on birth control pills; you should take other ways, like using condoms while having sex. You should take medicine daily once.

While you are consuming medicine, there is no need to have a full meal, and you can consume on an empty stomach as well. Look at the possible dosage that the doctor can recommend.

Dosage: How Much Yasmin Pill Should You Take?

Dosage plays an important role when you are creating something. There should be a correct dose of consumption. Otherwise, you can be in trouble. The dosage given below is commonly recommended.

  • You should take daily One medicine of Yellow Yasmin Pill (Starting from 1st day of the menstrual cycle)
  • Consume it for 21 days consecutively
  • After 21 days, from days 22 to 28, You should take the white tablet.
  • For the first 7 days of Yasmin consumption, you should use additional birth control such as condoms.

Caution: Follow the doctor’s advice and thoroughly read the necessary package and dosage before using it.

What if You Fail Or Miss The Dose of Yasmin Pill?

There should be fewer chances for you to forget the consumption of pills. You should prioritise the consequences you might get if you miss or fail to consume the medicine. You may become pregnant if you do not consume it daily as recommended.

Call your healthcare provider if you have missed the dose. The doctor might advise you to consume the missed pill on the day you remember and consume two at a time. Balance the consumption after talking to your healthcare provider.

If you feel or get symptoms (unusual sickness or breast tenderness) of being pregnant, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

What Are The Reasons For Blood Clots Due to Yasmin Pills?

The combination in the medicine, a constructed form of progesterone in the Yasmin pill, helps birth control. Few hormones make blood clots easy. The possibility of birth controls causing blood clots is low.

As per studies, among women who consume birth control, out of 3000, only 1 person would suffer from blood clots. The only reason for causing blood clots is the higher consumption of medicine and progestin hormones.

You can reduce the factor of risk by following two the techniques such as: Consuming blood thinners, Wearing stockings that can be comfortable, elevating your legs or being active physically.

Is it Safe To Consume Yasmin While you Are Breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, you need to know what medicine will affect breast milk and what does not. There are properties in the medicine that tends to mix in the breast milk and cause the women and the kid trouble.

In terms of Yasmin, it is not allowed to consume the medicine while you are breastfeeding. The drug gets mixed into the milk and causes illness to the baby. There are fewer chances of breast milk flowing due to oestrogen hormones presented in Yasmin medicine. If you want to breastfeed, then consult your general practitioner.

How Many Hours Are You Protected After Consuming Birth Control Pill?

Birth control pills have a minimum of a few hours before starting to work. This might differ from different birth control pills. In terms of Combination pills like Yasmin, It will work immediately. To work on the medication quickly, you should consume the combined pill on the first day of your period.

For unprotected sex, you must wait for 7 days if you didn’t take medicine on the first day of the period. For some women, timing may differ too.

Side Effects That You Might Feel After Consuming Yasmin pill

Side effects are the most irritating thing when you start to feel them. This problem should be dealt with by taking proper precautions and the necessary information. There are different side effects that you might observe during the medication process.

If you find any of the medicine affecting you severely, do get medical help. Symptoms such as:

  • You might feel the symptoms of heart stroke
  • You might feel the problem of blood clots by the sudden loss of vision and shortening of breath
  • You might see liver pain that can be dangerous.
  • Your blood pressure might increase to an extent
  • Swellings in different parts of the body.
  • Severe headaches
  • You might get into a depression zone.

Common side effects you might observe:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Mild headache
  • Mood swings
  • Change in weight

Is it Reasonable To Switch From Yasmin Pill to Other Pills?

There are some situations where you feel like changing medicine from one to another. So whenever you change the medicine form, check that both (Existing and New) medicine works the same in your body.

While you are on Yasmin pills, you can change the medicine to any birth control pills. For that, you need to get advice from your doctor. Do not create a gap between the two medicines whenever you think of changing. By doing this, there won’t be any changes in the hormones, and everything will work smoothly.

Can You Buy Yasmin Contraceptive Birth Control Online/Over The Counter?

Yes, you can buy the medicine online but not over the counter without the prescription given by the doctor. For any birth control pills, you need to have a compulsory prescription.

To buy medicine online, you must thoroughly research the genuine pharmacies presented on the web. Most of all, the online pharmacies ask you to answer questions that will be beneficial and safe for you to use Yasmin medicine.

To Find any secure online pharmacy, you need to check the customers’ reviews and other essential aspects like the genuine tags/ badges and certificates on the website.

What Are The Interactive Medicines With Yasmin?

Every medication won’t be good with a particular medicine. Almost all the medicine interacts with one another, which can be harmful if consumed together. Some drugs can interact with less power but can harm you, and other medications can affect your body severely.

Medicines that interact with Yasmin are as follows:

  • Amitriptyline
  • Gabapentin
  • Metformin
  • Xanax
  • Zoloft
  • Synthroid

Final Words From Druggist

Yasmin pills are the best solution for you not to get pregnant. It is a birth control pill that will prevent you from the responsibilities you are not ready for. Yasmin pills have a high possibility of helping you the most. Not only is it used for birth control but for other purposes too. The working pattern of the medicine is quick and will work the best possible Way.

There are a few side effects that you might get affected with, such as nausea and vomiting. These common effects can be cured per time, but in terms of severe consequences, you need help from the doctor.

Yasmin pills can only be taken by the prescriptions given by the medical practitioner. You can take the drug with 3 hours delay, not extending it more. For unwanted side effects, you need to take precautions.