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Calpol Vapour Plug Review

Calpol Vapour Plug Review

Calpol vapor plug is a non-medicine device designed to help your child breathe easily by releasing aromatic oils of lavender, chamomile, and menthol when they are congested or/and have symptoms of a cold. Calpol vapor plug can be used for babies from 3 months of age.

Calpol Vapour Plug Review: The Device

As the name suggests, Calpol Vapour Plug comes in the form of a plug, which is placed inside a standard electrical socket. Vapour plug has a nightlight that comes on when lights are off.

Calpol vapor plug uses aromatic oils containing lavender, chamomile, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus, all contained inside small refill pads, which are placed inside the plug.

Each pad lasts for up to 8 hours.


Calpol Vapour Plug Review: Ease Of Use

Calpol vapour plug is easy to use. Once you slide the refill pad into the designated space on the device, plug it in into the socket, and you are all set.

The aroma of oils will become noticeable after a few minutes. I used Calpol vapour plug on several occasions when my daughter was ill/congested and had difficulty breathing through the nose due to her symptoms.

I must admit the aroma of the oils does the trick, each time and my daughter was able to breathe much more easily and have a better night’s sleep.

How do menthol, chamomile, and lavender help with cold symptoms?

ingredients used

The mechanism of action by which menthol helps alleviate respiratory discomfort has been described in many studies.

It is believed that menthol acts on cold receptors, which are present in nasal passages and upper airways.

Cooling sensation reduces respiratory effort (Nishino et al., 2017) and changes the perception of breathlessness by proposed actions in the central nervous system (Schwartzstein et al., 1987).

Inhaled lavender and chamomile cause a feeling of relaxation, has calming effects, and reduce respiratory rate (Sayorwan et al., 2012).

Calpol Vapour Plug Review: Drawbacks

  • The nightlight is very bright. I don’t think it’s necessary to have it, or it would be nice to control it with an on-and-off button
  • No control over how strong you want the aroma to be. If your baby room is small, you may find that the fragrance gets very strong, and you need to keep the door open
  • Refill pads are not the cheapest; for a pack of 5, you need to pay around £5. Since one refill lasts about 8 hours, you may find that one pack does not last long

Overall this is a good product with ingredients proven to improve breathing and relief symptoms of cold and congestion. It may not be the most cost-effective product available, but simplicity and ease of use are advantageous. In the end, can you put a price tag on your child’s comfort?

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Quick FAQ

Can I leave Calpol Vapour plug on all night?

When using the vapour plug with a pad inserted, do not leave the unit in the plug socket for more than 16 hours at a time. After 16 hours, unplug the unit for a few hours before using again.

Will a Calpol inhaler help with croup?

When your child gets croup, what can you do to help? • If your infant develops a fever, Calpol can assist.

Is calpol the same as liquid paracetamol?

Disprol, Hedex, Medinol, and Panadol are just a few of the brand names for paracetamol. Calpol is another brand name for paracetamol syrup.