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    Best throat numbing lozenges | Get rid of sore throat

    For many customers, throat numbing lozenges are the first choice in the management of sore and irritated throat. Throat numbing lozenges contain a local anaesthetic which numbs the area and hence help with pain and irritation. This post list all sore throat lozenges containing a local anaesthetic available in the UK. You may also be interested in a related post listing variety of sore throat lozenges. Summary: Can you buy throat numbing lozenges over the counter? Local anaesthetic lozenges: active ingredients List of bet throat numbing lozenges Other options for managing sore throat Conclusion

  • Lacri-Lube alternative eye ointments: Xailin Night, Hycosan Night & Hylo Night

    Best Lacri-Lube alternative eye ointments

    Lacri-lube has been out of stock since 2018. Still, after all this time, some patients get repeat prescriptions issued with Laci-Lube on it. Patients who have Lacri-Lube eye ointment on their ‘repeats’ should contact their surgery and ask to remove it and replace it with Lacri-lube alternative eye ointments. I will list in this post the best Lacri-Lube alternative eye ointments and gels. All eye ointments which are alternative to Lacri-Lube can be purchased from pharmacies and online. #

  • Review of ibuprofen alternative drugs

    22 ibuprofen alternative drugs you must know

    Ibuprofen is one of the most common drugs purchased over the counter in the UK. Ibuprofen prescribing decreased significantly in recent years due to the NHS strategy to minimise issuing of medicines that are available over the counter. In recent months, ibuprofen’s price went up significantly, with many shops and pharmacies being out of stock of ‘cheap’ ibuprofen. Today I will review ibuprofen alternative drugs. Firstly, I will discuss the availability of branded ibuprofen. I will then review a combination of products containing ibuprofen, which can be used instead of ibuprofen in certain situations and lastly, I will talk about other ibuprofen alternative drugs available on the market.   Summary: What…

  • Review of lozenges and sweets for dry mouth symtoms

    7 Best DRY MOUTH lozenges for saliva production

    The definition of dry mouth (medical term: xerostomia) is self-explanatory. Dry mouth may be experienced by anyone as one of the most common causes is dehydration. Many drugs can cause dry mouth. This side effect is sometimes associated with the whole class of medicines rather than a particular drug, making dry mouth management even more critical, as there may be little room for changing the medication. Saliva production is primarily driven by mechanical and gustatory (taste) stimulation (Dodds et al., 2015), making lozenges and sweets an appropriate choice in the management of dry mouth. In today’s post, I will review the best dry mouth lozenges for saliva production. I will…