Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

Reviews of drugs:  indications, mechanisms of action, side effects and effectiveness in the treatment of diseases.

  • Review of anti-itch creams to stop itching fast.
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    17 creams to STOP ITCHING FAST

    Several factors can cause skin itchiness (also known as pruritus). Skin itch is commonly associated with eczema (dermatitis), psoriasis, chickenpox, insect bites, hives and other conditions. Several effective creams to stop itching can be purchased from supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Sale of some anti-itch creams is restricted to pharmacies only. This post summarises the use, availability and effectiveness of different anti-itch creams. I reviewed anti-itch creams based mainly on two factors: short terms management of skin itchiness for example, with the use of steroid, antihistamine and local anaesthetic creams. I also reviewed creams with and without an active ingredient(s), which are usually recommended for long-term management of skin itchiness. Lastly,…

  • Best over the counter antibiotic cream in the UK
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    (BEST) over the counter ANTIBIOTIC cream

    In today’s post, I will review over the counter antibiotic creams in the UK. Some over the counter creams, gels and ointments available in the UK, have an ‘antibiotic’ properties however most of them are not genuinely classified as antibiotics, due to their limitations in terms of elimination of infections. The main focus of this post is to review use and the effectiveness of ‘antibiotic’ creams, supported any existing evidence. I will include different formulations not only creams as this broadens your choice and discussion. I will also talk about private services offered by online pharmacies to buy antibiotic creams. Over the counter antibiotic cream -summary of the post:  Can…

  • Escitalopram vs citalopram - review of dosage, forms and effectiveness between drugs
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    Escitalopram vs Citalopram – WHAT is the difference?

    Citalopram is a popular antidepressant prescribed in the UK. It is also one of the most prescribed medicines in the UK. Although escitalopram is ‘related’ to citalopram, it significantly less prescribed. Today I will review differences between escitalopram and citalopram. Escitalopram vs citalopram, a summary of the post: Escitalopram vs citalopram: legal status Escitalopram vs citalopram: licensed use Prescribing statistics for escitalopram and citalopram Depression: what is the recommended drug treatment? Comparison of side effects between escitalopram and citalopram Which drug is better? Comparison of the effectiveness Why is escitalopram less commonly prescribed?

  • Fostair inhaler - common questions and answers
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    FOSTAIR inhaler – TOP questions & ANSWERS

    FOSTAIR inhaler Fostair inhaler is a popular combination inhaler used in the management of asthma and COPD. In asthma, Fostair is usually recommended when a condition is not well controlled with the use of inhaled steroid and short-acting beta2-agonist (like Ventolin) or condition is controlled with two separate inhalers (corticosteroid and long-acting beta2-agonists). Patients with severe COPD are usually prescribed Fostair. In this case, Fostair is used to help manage COPD symptoms. 

  • Esomeprazole vs Omeprazole - which drug is better?
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    Esomeprazole vs Omeprazole – Which one is BETTER?

    Esomeprazole vs Omeprazole Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. In fact, when looking at the top 15 most prescribed drugs in the UK, two PPIs made it to the top: omeprazole and lansoprazole. Although not as commonly prescribed as omeprazole, esomeprazole gained its popularity due to wide availability as over the counter medicine. Esomeprazole vs omeprazole is a review of both drugs. I will discuss various aspects concerning both medicines, such as legal classification, over the counter and prescription-only availability of both medicines and most importantly, their effectiveness.  In summary, the following will be discussed:  What are PPIs?  Esomeprazole vs Omeprazole legal classification  What…

  • What is the best medicine for chesty cough? Review
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    What is the best medicine for chesty cough?

    Chesty cough, also known as a productive cough, is characterised by overproduction of mucus. Chesty cough can commonly be a symptom of a common cold, but also other acute conditions such as bronchitis, or long term disease, for example, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Mucus accompanying a chesty cough can be clear or coloured (for example, yellow). Coloured mucus may indicate a bacterial infection, especially when other symptoms are present, for example, high temperature. Patients commonly request over the counter medicines for a chesty cough. In today’s post, I will seek to find the best medicine for chesty cough by looking at over the counter and pharmacy-only products available in the…

  • Lidocaine patch for back pain - review
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    Lidocaine patch for BACK PAIN – treatment review

    Lidocaine patch (brand name: Versatis medicated plaster) is a prescription-only medication, which has limited licensed use in the UK. Lidocaine patch offers a different approach to pain management as compared to standard analgesic drugs. In this post, I will review the use of lidocaine patch for back pain. The main points covered: What is lidocaine patch? How is the lidocaine patch used? What is lidocaine? The UK licensed use of lidocaine Can you use lidocaine patch for back pain? Is lidocaine patch effective in the management of back pain? How much lidocaine patch costs? Alternative options to lidocaine patch for the treatment of back pain

  • Truvada for PrEP
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness,  Men's health

    Truvada for PrEP: availability, cost and side effects

    It is estimated that around 103,800 of people live with HIV in the UK (PHE, 2019). Estimated 17% of people with HIV are not aware of the infection (NICE, 2016), increasing the risk of passing HIV when having sex without protection. Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil) is an antiviral drug used in the treatment of HIV, alone or as part of antiviral combination therapy. Truvada is also licensed as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication. Today, I am reviewing Truvada for PrEP. In summary, the following will be discussed: What is Truvada? Truvada for PrEP: how does it work? Truvada for PrEP: effectiveness. How to get Truvada Superdrug Pharmacy: Truvada for PeEP service  Cost…

  • Lansoprazole vs Omeprazole - difference and similarities
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    Lansoprazole vs Omeprazole: differences and similarities

    In today’s post, I will contrast the two most popular proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) prescribed in the UK. Not only lansoprazole and omeprazole are the two most common PPI, but they are also one of the most popular prescribed drugs in the UK. I will review the essential facts to highlight the similarity and difference between each medication. Lansoprazole vs omeprazole – post summary: Lansoprazole vs omeprazole: drug classification Lansoprazole vs omeprazole: mechanism of action Lansoprazole vs omeprazole: common side effects Availability of different forms of both drugs Over the counter Availability of Lansoprazole and Omeprazole Lansoprazole vs omeprazole: which one is more popular in the NHS Lansoprazole vs omeprazole:…

  • Over the counter IBS treatment: Buscopan vs mebeverine
    Drug reviews: use, side effects, effectiveness

    Buscopan vs Mebeverine | OTC IBS treatment

    Buscopan and mebeverine are two common drugs used for symptomatic treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Both drugs can be prescribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter from pharmacies and in case of Bucopa IBS relief from supermarkets. Buscopan vs Mebeverine lists similarities and differences between both drugs. I will review their role in the management of IBS in accordance with the treatment guidelines on irritable bowel syndrome. You may find a related post also helpful – 14 best IBS medication available over the counter. In this post I will  discuss the following: Mechanism of action and symptoms control Buscopan vs Mebeverine: where to buy it from? over…