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    Do students pay for prescriptions?

    Eligibility of NHS prescription charges and whether students are exempt from paying for medicine prescribed to them by their doctor. You don’t have to pay for your prescriptions only if you are a student of a school, college, university or similar institution and if you’re 16-18 years old. Students who are 19+ years old and study at university have to pay for their prescription needs as well as those apprenticeship students.

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    High blood pressure: Diagnosis & treatment

    Treating high blood pressure will help prevent problems such as heart disease, stroke, loss of eyesight, chronic kidney disease, and other blood vessel diseases. You may need to take medicines to lower your blood pressure if lifestyle changes are not enough to bring your blood pressure to the target level. It’s never too early to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and eating more fresh fruits. These are main ways you can protect yourself against high blood pressure and its complications including heart attack and stroke. A good way to prevent these health problems is by making simple but important tweaks in your daily routine like the ones…

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    How to transfer your prescription to any pharmacy.

    There can be a number of reasons you’d want to switch pharmacies. Here’s how you can do it: Call, text, or visit your new pharmacy to request an Rx transfer. Provide the new pharmacy the list of all the medications you wish to transfer, along with the dosage and Rx numbers. Also, provide your current pharmacy’s contact information. The new pharmacy you’ve chosen will contact your previous pharmacy and take care of most of the further processes. Allow the transfer to be completed usually within 2-3 business days.

  • Can you buy anti sickness tablets over the counter? Review of drugs for nausea and vomiting available over the counter
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    Can you buy anti sickness tablets over the counter?

    Today I will review anti-sickness tables which are available over the counter from a pharmacy. Most commonly used anti-sickness tablets over the counter in the UK are drugs used for motion sickness. There are, however, other options for the management of sickness associated with migraines or nausea caused by other medications including radiotherapy. I will also briefly talk about the management of ‘morning’ sickness with over the counter (OTC) anti-sickness tablets and prescription-only medicines.  Summary of this post: common causes of nausea and sickness Nausea and vomiting: do I need to see my GP? Can you buy anti-sickness tablets over the counter? Anti-sickness tablets over the counter – overview Anti-sickness…