Ibuprofen & coronavirus: NHS, WHO advice


The last few days proved to be a manic time not only in all supermarkets but also in pharmacies. The situation is surreal. Pharmacy teams have been under enormous pressure from the workload. People also buy an excessive amount of over-the-counter medications due to the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. A few days ago, a French Health […]

How To Change A Nominated Pharmacy?

How to change a nominated pharmacy

Have you recently moved and want to change your pharmacy? Or perhaps you are not happy with the service you have been receiving from your current pharmacy; whatever the reason changing a nominated pharmacy is an easy process and can be done in several ways. How to change a nominated pharmacy? In this post, I will […]

New Warfarin Alternatives: Everything You Need To Know

New Warfarin Alternatives

Warfarin is the most used anticoagulant in the UK, with a history going back to the 1950s when it was approved for human use in 1954. Over 60 years later and the popularity of warfarin is indisputable. Two factors contributing to the wide use of warfarin are its effectiveness and low cost. However, as you […]

Nexium Control Review. Is Nexium The Best PPI?

Nexium Control Review. Is Nexium The Best PPI

Nexium Control is a branded version of Esomeprazole drug, available without a prescription for heartburn treatment and acid reflux in adults over 18 years of age. Nexium Control is available as gastro-resistant tablets and capsules, both containing 20mg of Esomeprazole. Esomeprazole of a few drugs which are collectively called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs). Nexium Control […]

Flu Jab Cost 2019-2020

Flu Jab Cost 2019 2020

Since 2015 community pharmacies in the UK are able to provide flu vaccination services to NHS patients. Year on year this service became increasingly popular. Last year a record number of flu jabs were provided by community pharmacists with an estimated 1.4 mln vaccinations administered as part of NHS service. This number does not include […]

Flu Jabs 2019/2020 Delays In Supply

Flu Jabs 2019 2020 Delays In

In one of my previous posts, I summarised vaccine availability for upcoming flu season 2019/2020. During the upcoming season we will see new flu vaccinations, however, we now know that there are already delays in the production of quadrivalent influenza flu vaccine affecting the delivery of service in some eligible patients. To get information on […]

How To Get Emergency Prescription [Answered]

How to get emergency prescription? Different options explained.

Requests for an emergency supply of medication or an emergency prescription is not uncommon in a community pharmacy. Some of the common reasons for patients to request an emergency supply of medication are: Patients being away from home and forgot to take their medication Patients being away from home and lost their medication Patients ran […]

How Do I Dispose Of Old Medication In The UK?

How Do I Dispose Of Old Medication In The UK

Drugs are not ordinary items and with this, medication disposal should be done appropriately. In this post, I will summarise answer the following question: How do I dispose of old medication in the UK? How Do I Dispose Of Old Medication In The UK? Remember: once medication left the pharmacy it cannot be reused as […]

Flu Vaccines 2019 / 2020


Last year, during the 2018/2019 flu season, community pharmacists delivered over 1.4 mln Flu vaccinations to patients under NHS Flu Vaccination Service (PSNC, n.d.). Although flu season 2019/2020 seems far away, updated details for this service and Flu vaccines 2019 /2020 are already known. To get information on flu season 2020/2021, including pricing information and […]

How To Get A Repeat Prescription?

repeat prescription

How to get a repeat prescription? There is a number of ways of ordering repeat NHS prescriptions. I this post I will summarise different ways of ordering your NHS repeatable prescription. Repeatable prescriptions have normally limited the number of issues over a certain amount of time, following which patients are normally due to having a medication […]