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Clomid For Men: Does It Help And Improve Fertility?

Finding the best possibility of increasing sperm count is a tougher job. Find a solution that can help you improve your infertility

June 29, 2022
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You should always be aware of the medicines and what conditions it is treated for. There are various options people opt for when treating a condition that is not meant to treat the specific situation, and that usage is known as off-label.

In terms of using Clomid, it is approved by the FDA to be consumed by women. Clomid has a very high success ratio among women. Other than women, the FDA did not allow anyone to usage, but now it has been prescribed to men as an off-label medicine.

Most people use medicines off-label, and now it's been a common thing. It is legal to prescribe a medicine that the FDA does not approve of treating a specific condition. Off-label usage of drugs is safe, but before using them, the person should have proper guidance from the Medical practitioner.

Things You Should Know About Clomid

Clomid has been a solution for women suffering from medical conditions preventing ovulation. The medical condition is known as polycystic ovary syndrome.

You can get Clomid in its generic version called Clomiphene. It belongs to the drug class of Synthetic ovulation stimulants. Clomid has been suggested as a safe fertility medicine trusted by fertility specialists and gynaecologists.

Why Is Clomid Used Within Men?

As mentioned above, Clomid is a prescribed medicine for women. Let us understand why exactly women use Clomid. FDA has approved the drug for women who are unable to become pregnant. This has been a big question mark; if Women use Clomid to become pregnant, why do men use it?

So the answer is that the doctor prescribes Clomid as an off-label usage to help men in treating Infertility. Infertility can be between men and women. It is a kind of disease that prevents a person from achieving pregnancy. This disease is confirmed when there is 1 year of continuous sexual activities done without protection and unable to become pregnant.

What Will Be The Changes Seen After Consuming Clomid By Men?

Men will see many changes if they consume Clomid to treat Infertility. Before consuming Clomid by men, there would be less interest in having sex or frightened due to not making it up till the climax.

After consuming medicine, there are changes seen in men. It will increase male fertility within a few days; It will help balance the hormonal changes within men and increase sperm count.

In other ways, to avoid surgeries (which will be a solution too), you should be consuming Clomid. There are cases if the person has been through surgery; Clomid helps boost all the necessary elements in men's bodies.


You need to understand the period to consume medicine. If you consume more than the advised days, you might be in danger or negatively impact your health. You should at least take the Clomid drug for 3 to 4 months. Once you consume the medicine for 3-4 months, you will initially see the changes within you.
You will see the changes in men's testicles after using Clomid. The reason for it is that it preserves the fertility within testicles, making them increase in size. That's where you can see the testosterone changes within a man.
If the male is suffering from low sperm count, women can take Clomid so that it will boost up the eggs present in the fallopian tubes. So once the man ejaculates, there are chances of fewer sperm meeting an egg.

Low Testosterone In Men:

Testosterone is a hormone that is presented in males. It is one of the anabolic steroids, and even it is a primary sex hormone in men. Testosterone is the main key that helps to develop reproductive tissues such as the prostate and testes.

You may be advised to take Clomid if you have low levels of testosterone because of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Suppose you are not prepared to have a baby. In that case, you can use Clomid to kick off the symptoms of a decrease in hypogonadism which includes hair growth, lowered muscle mass, fatigue, ED, low libido or trouble concentrating.

How Does Clomid Work In Men's Bodies?

Clomid has a process that helps the males in producing sperms. For a pregnancy to occur within a couple, both partners should equally participate in having a baby. If the situation arises that men are unable to make it happen or due to Infertility, Clomid comes into the picture to treat Infertility in males.

Clomid works by blocking oestrogen hormones from interacting with the pituitary glands. If the oestrogen hormones interact with the pituitary glands, less LH (luteinising hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormones) are produced. Once LH and FSH are produced, it will lead the testosterone level to drop, which will make sperm production low.

Once the Clomid successfully blocks the pituitary glands, there will be an increase in testosterone, LH and FSH in the body. Lately, even sperm will start to produce at a pace.

Will Clomid Help Men Treat Infertility?

The answer to this statement is partial. Some people benefit from it, whereas some people lose sperm production. There are mixed responses for the same. Clomid makes the medicine not much of a trustable source because the FDA has never accepted Clomid for Men.

There were several studies and researches made by the Mahmod Cheheb et al. to know precisely about on-label and off-label medicines to treat male Infertility. So the studies stated that,

The researchers found mixed results. It shows that some people will be affected by the medicine, and some positive impact increasing sperms. People faced with a negative effect found that, due to dosage unavailability for the disease, there might be a fall in sperm production.

What Happens If Both The Partners Take Clomid?

It is beneficial for the couple if they take medicine. Clomid has been one of the best solutions for having a baby or becoming parents. This will help both in different ways but with one cause.

If the woman takes Clomid, then she would have healthy ovarian reserves. Whereas if men take medicine, it will boost sperm production. The doctors always advise the doctor to take the medication at the beginning of the cycle for 5 days straight, whereas a male should consume the medicine every day because sperms are produced daily.

How Much Clomid Should A Man Take?

You should always be in a sense when you are consuming off-label medicine. There might be a few differences a person might affect with the amount of dosage they are consuming.

Dosage for Infertility in men:

Starting dose: 25mg (Full or you can consume half)
Maximum dose: You should not consume more than 50mg.

Caution: You should always take medicines as per the given advice by the doctor. High doses can be a problem for you.

Side Effects You Might Observe:

There are various side effects that might be affected by males who consume Clomid for treating Infertility, such as:

  • Irritability
  • Acne
  • If cancer is already present, it might grow more
  • Blurriness
  • Stiff muscles.

Precautions Of Clomid:

Things you should keep in mind before consuming medicine are as follows:

  • Tell your doctor about the allergic reaction you have with Clomid.
  • Talk to your doctor about your medication history.
  • If you are suffering from Liver disease
  • If you are suffering from kidney issues.

You should know where to buy Clomid Online and how you should buy Clomid. It is essential to not get in touch with the fraudster and get the genuine medicine in your hand.

Final Words From Druggist:

By now, you must clearly know about the Clomid working for men. Yes, Clomid is used for treating male Infertility and boosting sperm quantity. There are a few side effects that you might encounter if you are consuming Clomid, such as Acne or irritability.

Partially it has good and bad effects on people. For some men, Clomid works to treat Infertility, whereas, for some, there is a difficulty. Clomid is available as an off-label medicine, so the prescription for the medicine is compulsory.