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What is Private Prescription?

precribe your doctor

We get prescriptions from doctors in accordance with our health issues. In some countries, there are two forms of prescriptions. One is a private prescription. Let us find out how it is different from our regular prescription provided by the respective country’s health department.

How is a private prescription different from a general prescription?

In simple language, a prescription is a list of drugs written by a medical practitioner for a patient. The prescription, also known as Rx, is required when a patient requires a certain class of drugs from a pharmacist.

In the UK, prescriptions fall under the purview of the National Health Services NHS. However, the prescriptions that are issued by a medical practitioner privately are known as private prescriptions.

Difference between a private prescription and an NHS prescription.

private prescription and an NHS prescription

NHS has a fixed prescription charge which is subsided. The cost of an NHS prescription is £9.35. These charges are directed by the department of health. In certain cases, the NHS also provides for a free prescription.

If eligible, the NHS will provide a certificate for the same. In contrast, private prescriptions are not associated with either the NHS or the government.

Are private prescriptions expensive?

The price of a private prescription depends on the medication which is given to a patient. The cost of dispensing a private medication is shared with the patients.

As the medication prescription and consultancy are private, there is a fee attached that one has to pay for the medications and the doctor’s consultation.

Are private prescriptions expensive?

This means NHS prescription subsidies will not be available in the case of private prescriptions making private prescriptions more expensive.

Prescriptions are primarily given in the traditional manner that is hand in hand. This allows the patient to take the prescription directly to the pharmacy to get it dispensed.

Online private prescription.

While you can get NHS prescriptions delivered online You can also get private prescriptions delivered online. From a bad climate to bad health, you may, for some reason, not be able to reach the doctor physically. In this case and also for the sake of convenience, you may want an online prescription.

Personal prescribed medications are now available online. To get the drug, you have to follow a few steps, i.e. login to the private prescription web page such as Pharmazondirect Enter all your details, once done with the consultation, the general practitioner will prescribe you medications that will be sent to you directly at your doorstep.

What is required for a private prescription?

private prescription

You will have to provide certain information in order to receive a personal prescription. The prescription must be issued in the UK or an EAA state.

The issuer must be legally qualified to administer the prescription.

If consulted traditionally, the prescription sheet must have the signature of the medical practitioner.

The prescription must include the following details:

For the patient

1. The issuer or the patients first name and last name
2. Date of birth
3. Issuing date of prescription

For the doctor

1. The prescriber’s first name and last name
2. Qualification
3. Name of the state they are providing the service in
4. Work address
5. Signature

Information related to the medication

1. Medication name or brand name
2. Information regarding the type, i.e., tablet, syrup, capsule
3. Dosage details,i.e., Quantity, strength, number of days of consumption, etc.
4. Dosage instructions, i.e., how to or when to consume the drugs.


The private prescription will be valid for a period of six months from the date of issue and can be re-utilized for buying the medication further, however only if the first repeat is dispensed within the six months. The prescribed medicines that fall under the controlled drug category that falls under the schedule of 2, 3, and 4 are valid for 28 days from the date of issue.

Dispensing the private prescription from other countries?

The private prescription can be dispensed from the UK and EEA states that are European economic areas, including Austria, France, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, etc.

The private prescription can be dispensed from the UK and EEA states that are European economic areas, including Austria, France, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, etc.


In a nutshell, private prescriptions bear a cost. The responsibility of a private prescription falls solely on the medical practitioner issuing it. As private prescriptions can be availed through online portals, it makes them extremely accessible and effective.

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