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Promethazine Vs Zopiclone: Which Is Better For You?


Sleep disorders are a condition that affects the individual’s health due to lack of sleep. They are caused by some health issues or having too much stress or depression. Without proper rest, people may experience tiredness, low mood, and poor concentration affecting their health.

Sometimes, sleep disorder problems can occur due to medical or mental health problems. Once the condition is identified and the treatment starts, the sleeping disorder may eventually disappear.

For the conditions to be treated, you need medicines to help you sleep peacefully. So here, I will compare two medications that can help you treat insomnia, i.e. Zopiclone vs Promethazine.

The drug zopiclone is used solely as a sleeping pill. It induces a mild effect on our brain and produces a regular sleep pattern. In comparison, Promethazine has been used for nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions to insect bites, etc. It is also used as an over-the-counter drug for sleep disorders.

Why Are These Medicines Can Be Compared?

Both the medicines have the effect of Central nervous system depressant effect. Some medications can interact with Zopiclone, and Promethazine belongs to a group of antihistamine agents. Antihistamine is used for allergic reactions. Some over the counter sleeping pills in the UK are used to induce drowsiness by working against a chemical produced in the central nervous system.
Let us get into more detailed information about comparing the two medicines.

Difference Between Zopiclone Vs Promethazine

When comparing two medicines with a versus, it is always necessary to get an entire idea about the two medications that will help treat conditions.

Zopiclone belongs to a Nonbenzodiazepine drug used as a sleeping pill for patients suffering from severe insomnia or difficulty sleeping. It is a strong sleeping pill to induce sleep. It belongs to a sedative/hypnotic, which acts in your brain to produce a mild effect. Brand versions of Zopiclone are Zimovane, Imovane, Dopareel and others. It’s not recommended for children and adolescents below the age of 18 years. Before buying zopiclone Uk requires a prescription from a doctor or GP.

Promethazine belongs to an Antihistamine agent, Mainly used to treat allergic reactions such as rashes and insect bites and as an off-label for sleeping disorders. It belongs to the drug class of Antihistamine, 1st generation antiemetic agents. Promethazine consists of two brand versions known as Phenergan and Promacot. It’s not recommended for children below 2 years of age. It would help if you learned about the ultimate guide of Promethazine for sleep.

Zopiclone Vs Promethazine: Which One Is More Effective?

After ingested or swallowed, all medicines or chemicals travel in our body and reach the particular receptor to perform their activity. Thus let’s see how the medication Zopiclone and Promethazine work in your body.

Zopiclone is a well-known sleeping pill used by patients suffering from sleep problems. When you take Zopiclone, it works in the Neurotransmitter called Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This Neurotransmitter is a Natural body chemical that acts as a messenger between nerve cells and GABA. Thus GABA produces a calming agent that induces sleep, reducing Anxiety and muscle relaxation. Therefore Zopiclone works in your body and generates a sleep pattern.

Promethazine has the property of an antihistamine agent, and Normally, Antihistamine works by affecting the natural body substance called histamine. It prevents and removes the histamine effects of cells in your body.

Histamine is usually exposed to allergic and chemical reactions. Nausea and pain are affecting the other natural substance called acetylcholine. Due to its effectiveness, the drug’s chemical agents work by entering your brain in large amounts and making you feel drowsy. Thus Promethazine works as a mechanism of action.

Zopiclone outperforms Promethazine in terms of sleep quality. But in other aspects, analgesia, tolerance profile, and patient safety, Promethazine is better. More research comparing clonidine to other insomnia medicines would be good.

Safety Measures Before Consuming Zopiclone And Promethazine

Drug safety is crucial to avoid serious health issues or allergic reactions. Medicines make you healthier and control your infections. So it is necessary to know the precautions while taking a new medication.

Consult with the doctor about your health condition, and ask for a routine plan for your drugs. Tell the doctor about what drugs you currently use while buying a new medicine. You should follow the medication label instructions and expiry date and Maintain hygiene.

It would help if you took the necessary precautions to minimize the effect of adverse reactions, handle the symptoms due to the drug effect, and avoid the medicine interaction errors while taking a group of drugs together. It will help you for better health.

Zopiclone Safety Measures:

  • Avoid alcohol consumption.
  • The drug affects feeling sleepy, so it is advised not to go outside or drive a car or any vehicle.
  • Avoiding long-term use of this medication will lead to drug addiction.
  • It is restricted to children below the age of 18 years.

Promethazine Safety Measures:

  • Avoid doing things that need alertness
  • It will cause shortness of breath if taken without a doctor’s advice.
  • It is not allowed for children less than 2 years of age.
  • Do not consume alcohol.

Effects That You May Encounter – Side Effects

Like all drugs, Zopiclone and Promethazine also have some side effects. Some of the side effects are common during the initial stage. You will not need to find side effects on everyone; it may differ from one person to another. If you are facing the symptoms at worst, consult the doctor immediately.

The list below is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of adverse occurrences; please visit a pharmacist, doctor, or other medical experts for a comprehensive list of potential side effects for a complete list of possible side effects.

Side Effect Zopiclone Promethazine
Drowsiness Yes No
Feeling sleepy Yes No
Tiredness Yes No
Dry mouth Yes No
Mood Swing Yes No
Delusions Yes No
Depression Yes No
Sleepwalking Yes No
Seizure No Yes
Hallucination No Yes
Dyspnea No Yes
Fainting No Yes
Nervousness No Yes
Abdomen pain No Yes
Rashes No Yes
Confusion No Yes

Source: Zopiclone (DailyMed) Promethazine (DailyMed)

Does Medicine Belong To The Controlled Substance?

It is always necessary for you to get information about the medicine before consuming it. Controlled substances are drugs that the government regulates. The control applies to how the drug is made, used, stored and distributed.

If you are consuming without consulting with your doctor, it will lead you to a severe condition, your drug may worsen your situation, and possible side effects are shown. If you buy without a doctor’s recommendation, it is illegally treated. Be well informed about the rules and regulations while taking any medicine. Let us see if Zopiclone and Promethazine are controlled substances or not?

Is Zopiclone A controlled Substance?

Zopiclone is a controlled substance in a few countries. And it may be illegal to buy without a prescription. However, the drug is available in other countries without a prescription.

Zopiclone is a Group colloquially known as Z drugs. Zopiclone is recommended to take for a short term and used for not more than 4 weeks. Daily or continuous use of the drug is not advised.

Is Promethazine A Controlled Substance?

Promethazine is not a controlled substance, and it has the potential effect to be abused. Moreover, it is used for allergic reactions and nausea. It has a natural sense and eliminates chemical reactions.

What Are Similarity Between Zopiclone And Promethazine

Both the drug zopiclone and Promethazine have the CNS depressant effect, so it is helpful for the person to get sleep calmly. Medicine’s chemical works by inducing the sleep pattern in people. But taking both drugs simultaneously will lead to severe drowsiness, dizziness and tiredness. Various prescription sleeping pills in the UK can help you deal with sleep disorders.

Why Promethazine Is Used Off-label For Sleep:

It has been approved for off-label use for nausea. Moreover, it has the property of phenothiazine derivatives with Antihistamine. Furthermore, people consuming off-label drugs are likely to experience symptoms like adverse reactions to drug allergies. Off-label drugs are unapproved drugs not recommended for a particular treatment and medical condition.

Possible Interaction With Individual Drugs

Drug interactions are when one drug interacts with other drugs taken together. It may cause more or more minor effects on your body or sometimes cause unexpected consequences.

Zopiclone Promethazine
Bipolar and schizophrenia drugs Anxiety medication
Epilepsy drugs Opioid pain or cough relievers
Strong painkillers Muscle relaxants drugs
Herbal supplements Seizure drugs
Alcohol Narcotic drugs
Anti Anxiety medication Depression drugs

Quick FAQ

What if you consume Zopiclone and Promethazine together?

While consuming both drugs, the symptoms of difficulty in concentration, extreme drowsiness, and tiredness will arise. Older people lead to poor coordination, confusion, and poor thinking. So it is not advised to use both the drugs together. Speak to your doctor about your condition and symptoms and follow the doctor's recommendation.

What if you consume sleeping pills and still stay awake?
It is not a good sign for your health. Various issues are created if you are consuming sleep medicine and are unable to sleep well. Situations such as hallucination are the foremost thing that people experience. Even the brain reacts at a different level of stability.

What if you take two different sleeping pills at once?

Consuming two medicines that work for the same conditions can lead you to overdose. If you are overdosing on any drug related to sleep, it can cause severe effects on your health, and you can even face death. Overdose of sleeping pills is extremely painful.

Final Words From Druggist:

By now, you must have an overall gist about comparing the two medicines (Zopiclone vs Promethazine). It would help if you were wise enough before using any medication as it states that you might have a deep sleep.

As one medicine (Promethazine ) is used for treating allergic conditions, it still gives you a deep sleep or can make your sleep disorders disappear. The working mechanism of the medicine is quite the same, but the actual usage differs. This differentiation makes it possible to choose one medicine’s acceptability and use it for your benefit.

Both drugs need a proper prescription because if you overdose on the same, it can cause various effects on your body and even face issues such as COMA or Death. Before consuming the medicine, it’s better to know its In and Outs.