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New weight loss drug: Saxenda

New weight loss drug Saxenda

Weight is a big challenge for most of us or almost all of us. There are drugs in the market that help in weight loss. One such drug that helps in weight loss is Saxenda.

What Is Saxenda?

What Is Saxenda?

Saxenda is a prescribed weight loss injection drug that treats high levels of insulin, blood sugar levels, and even digestion. It helps obese adults in solving weight-related issues. 


Saxenda weight loss drug can also be consumed by children who weigh more than 132 pounds or 60 kilos to reduce and maintain weight. 


However, a proper diet is critical to ensure that this drug gives you the desired results. Now that we are well versed with this drug, let us scrutinize it’s working.

Saxenda: How Does It Work?

Saxenda weight loss drug makes one feel full, leading to a reduced amount of food ingestion. It works by decreasing the hunger receptors in the brain. Eventually, there is lower calorie intake and so a reduction in weight.

Saxenda: Who Can Use It?

Saxenda weight loss pill can be consumed by those who fall under the following BMI range:


People with a BMI of 30kg/m2 that is more than 29kg/m2 are considered overweight or obese.


Obese individuals suffering from conditions such as high cholesterol, increased amount of insulin, hypertension, etc.


Except for the above, it is not recommended to use this drug as it can turn out to be lethal.

Saxenda: Dosage

This drug is available in a fixed dose. There are no variations for adults and children.This drug is not available in the form of tablets,it is injected. This drug is not recommended for anyone below 12 years of age.

Saxenda weight loss drug should be commenced in a staggered manner. Your doctor will inject 0.6mg every day.


The dosage will be increased by 0.6 mg every week until the amount injected reaches 3mg. Like any other drug overdosing on Saxenda for weight loss can be harmful.

Common Side Effects


Common side effects of Saxenda weight loss pill that may or may not occur are: 

  • Nausea
  • Low insulin levels in people diagnosed with diabetes 
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach aches or vomiting 
  • Constipation or diarrhea 

Rare Side Effects


You may need to consult a doctor if you notice any of the following rare adverse and serious side effects.


  • Rapid heartbeats
  • UTI- urinary tract infection
  • Mentally unstable- suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression episodes.
  • Issues in the gallbladder such as severe stomach pain, jaundice 
  • Symptoms of pancreatitis that leads to pain in the stomach and back, making one feel nauseous and uneasy
  • Symptoms of thyroid tumor swelling or lump in your neck leading to breathlessness and difficulty in swallowing. 
  • Signs of kidney-related issues– swollen ankle, fatigue, painful and very little urination. 

Saxenda: Key Factors

Saxenda key factors

There are several such key factors that one must keep in mind and implement in any case as medications are beneficial but can also harm one if not taken seriously. 


Though overall, Saxenda weight loss reviews are very good you still need to remain alert. If you observe any of the following issues after consuming Saxenda, you should consult a doctor immediately.


  • Heart Problems- any form of heart illness, especially heart failure and heart attack.
  • Pancreatitis- any issues related to the pancreas, such as pancreatitis. 
  • Thyroid Diseases- according to the trials conducted, people with type-2 diabetes observed thyroid issues such as goiter on account of consuming Saxenda. 
  • Cholelithiasis and Cholecystitis- according to trials, this medication can increase the chances of cholelithiasis and cholecystitis due to excess weight loss and thus, get all the tests done before opting for this medication.

Insulin or Blood Sugar Variation: Stop the usage of this medication if it leads to an increase in insulin or blood sugar levels.



    1. Slower digestion or digestion problems
    2. History of depression, anxiety.
    3. Kidney, liver, pancreas related diseases.
    4. Heart issues
    5. In case you are below the age of 12 or more than 75 years.
If you suffer from severe side effects because of a Saxenda shot or do not want to take an injection, then you can also consider Orlistat or Plenity.


Weight loss medication is a dicey subject. It is something that should be used only when pros outweigh the cons. The fad to use weight loss medications for cosmetic reasons is unnecessary.

It is essential to follow a good lifestyle. Having said that, if you still need weight loss medication, then taking Saxenda weight loss drug is not a bad idea.

Nevertheless, bear in mind to consult a doctor and only then take the Saxenda injection shot.


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