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Do students pay for prescriptions?


Let us start with the basics. The term student is all encompassing term. Studying is considered a fundamental right in several countries. You have the right to study whether you are 5 or you are 50.

As you may be aware, there are several countries where students are entitled to free prescriptions. However, just because you are a student, that does not mean that you are entitled to a free prescription.

So, if you are wondering if students do pay for prescriptions or not, then we shall clarify your doubts. We will discuss free prescription parameters for students as per the National Health Services of Great Britain, also known as NHS.

If you or someone you know is a student, this article will be very informative. Find out when a student has to pay for prescriptions and when a student can get a free prescription. We will cover everything. So let us dive straight in.

Free Prescriptions For Students.


Earlier, In 1948, at the time of the inception of the national health services department, all prescriptions were free. The conservative UK government then introduced the prescription charges in 1952.

There was a lot of confusion and all everyone had only one thing on their mind. Do students pay for prescriptions? Fortunately, the NHS ensured free prescriptions for students.

This option was given only to students following under specific categories. The main criteria for a free prescription are naturally the age of the student.

Here are the quick age parameters are given out by NHS to avail the free prescription benefit for students:

• If the student is below 16 years.
• If the student is 16, 17 or 18 years and is in full time education.

Your date of birth must be printed electronically on the prescription. If it is not printed, then you will have to show proof of your age to claim free prescriptions.

According to the department of health, by the age of 19, all forms of support like state-funded education and child benefits are discontinued. Following the same lines, free prescriptions for college students above the age of 19 were also compromised.

What if you are a student above 19 years of age?

Just because you are student, NHS will not allow you access to free prescriptions. Somewhere along the line, there is a belief that once a student crosses 19 years of age then he or she will be able to earn his/her bread.

These students are also known as mature students.

Obviously, you are not expected to earn a lot but enough to pay for your prescriptions.

In the UK, most postgraduate students finish their degree by the age of 21. This brings us to the question of whether university students pay for their prescriptions, primarily those above 19 years.

The answer is a No. So, students between 19 and 21 and studying full time in university will struggle.

This can be very disheartening, especially, for those who really cannot afford a prescription. Health is wealth and without it, one cannot live, forget studying.

The NHS understands this and has hence given leeway to the low income group of the society for free prescriptions

What if you are a student eligible for free prescriptions and have already paid?

It is likely that a student may fall under a free prescription category and may not have known of the same. In this case, it is very much possible to claim a refund.

Different locations will have different documents required to be submitted to the authorities. From receipts to forms, the requirements will wary. However, the document will have to be submitted within 3 months of expenditure incidence.

You can call the Department of Health and Social Care publications order line to find out more about how you could benefit from free prescriptions.

What if you are a student not eligible for a free prescription and have availed the same?

Are You A Student And Wondering Do Students Pay For Prescriptions

On the other hand, it may also happen that you are a student yet not eligible for free prescription as per NHS. You have inadvertently claimed the same. This can get very tricky for you.

If a student is not eligible to claim a free prescription and still goes ahead and applies for a free prescription, then the student will be fined. The fine will be up to £100, including the original charge itself.

Legal action will be taken against the student if the student refuses to pay the amount stated in the penalty charge notice. The penalty charge, in that case, will go up by 50% of the original amount in the event of non-payment after 28 days.

Think twice before applying for free prescriptions. Do not assume you are entitled to free prescriptions. Check all the facts and only then apply.

Should students pay for free prescriptions?

In a nutshell, some students still pay for their prescriptions. At Druggist.Online our take is it really does not matter if you are a student. The question do students pay for prescriptions has no depth.

It all depends on the family to which a student belongs. The crux of the matter is does the student have a family. If no, then there is no way a student can afford a prescription.

The rules on getting a free prescription should be overhauled and modified accordingly. We hope our above inputs on do students pay for prescriptions have been of help.